If you’re like me, you enjoy a nice clean polished nail to top off your everyday look. But the upkeep can cost hundreds of dollars a year!! I prefer gels, which last a couple weeks at a time, but they can cause a little wear and tear. I always hear it’s good to give your nails a little break. In the meantime, I’ve found a great alternative with Jamberry!! They’re little adhesive strips in every design, theme and color imaginable. You warm the strip with a hair dryer before applying, and lay it straight on your nail. Then use your fingers and a rubber cuticle pusher to smooth it down. You can file off whatever is left of the strip at the end of your nail. And voilà!! You’ve got some fab fingers. For my first application, I went with alternating teal and a teal floral design. I’ll admit, there was a little trial and error with the first few. If you have curved nails like I do, they may crease a little in some areas. But there are a few tricks on youtube (link below) that can help prevent puckering. If you’re tired of spending time at the salon and looking for a more affordable option, Jamberry might be great for you!! Plus, who can beat the endless design combinations!! 
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