I’ve heard about this product for months and finally got to try it!! Have you heard of Nerium AD Day and Night creams? A rep sent me the face creams along with their Nerium Firm, the body cream that’s supposed to tighten and tone loose skin. Most people use it on their necks, stomachs or under their arms, but won’t see results until after a few months of use. I used it for a month and liked it, but didn’t necessarily have noticeable results. Then again only had one bottle. With the night cream, on the other hand, I saw results immediately! The night cream you apply to damp skin and leave it on overnight. Once it dries, your skin feels nice and tight, almost like a mask. But when you wake up in the morning your face feels so smooth and moisturized. Within the first week, my pores looked smaller, my skin felt smoother and appeared to have less wrinkles around the eyes. The day cream was nice and smelled good, but I noticed more of a difference with the night cream if I had to choose between the two. I did notice a little breakout after about two weeks, but my rep said that was normal as your skin detoxes and gets used to the new product. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you thought. I also hear they are coming out with a new breakthrough anti-aging product to be released in April! I’m excited to see what it is!
If you’d like more information on Nerium, head over to: Tell her I sent you! Thanks for the products Vicki Cook! #neriumad #clearskin